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Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) is a diesel engine after-treatment device, which consists of a ceramic/metal honeycomb substrate coated with high activity precious-metal-based oxidation catalyst, packaged in a stainless steel container. The diesel oxidation catalyst is designed to convert carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), and the SOF fraction of particulate matter into carbon dioxide(CO2)and water (H2O).

The Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) can not only be used alone but also can be used with POC, DPF, SCR, and other exhaust systems to meet the more demanding emission standards.
1.DOC+DPF/POC (Match with POC/DPF): can provide the oxidation temperature of PM to help passive regenerate in DPF/POC systems.
2. DOC+SCR (Match with SCR): oxidize NO into NO2, improve the conversion efficiency of NOx.

Diesel vehicle exhaust after-treatment devices are widely used on bus, truck, fork truck, crane, construction machinery, light, and heavy-duty vehicles in OEM and service markets, and can meet the emission standard Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6, EPA, and CARB.

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Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Features:

1.DOC have excellent oxidation performance;
2.Low light-off temperature for HC, CO, and SOF;
3.High conversion efficiency, good restrain for sulfate forming.
4.Emission standard: Euro3, Euro4, Euro5, Euro6, EPA tier2,tier3, and CARB.
5.Active catalyst ingredients: Pt, Pd, Rh, and rare earth elements.
6.Cell density: 300CPSI,400CPSI.

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) Function:

1.Oxidize HC and CO in diesel exhausts gas emission.
2. Oxidize the SOF of particulate matter (PM).
3. Partially oxidize the SOOT of PM.
4. Coated catalyst on the POC surface to oxidize PM.
5. As the first stage of the SCR catalyst, oxidize NO into NO2 to improve the conversion efficiency of NOx.
6. Using DOC also enables additional passive regeneration in DPF/POC system.

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Auto Exhaust After-Treatment System:

Auto Exhaust after-treatment System
Catalysts for Gasoline Engines TWC/CGPF
Catalysts for Diesel Engines DOC,Diesel oxidation Catalyst

POC,Diesel Particulate Oxidation Catalyst

Catalysts for Diesel Engines CDPF,Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter

SCR,Selective Catalytic Reduction Catalyst

Catalysts for Diesel Engines Catalysts for CNG or LPG powered engines

Catalysts for Motorcycles.

Catalysts for Diesel Engines Catalysts None-Road Machinery

VOC abatement Catalysts

Catalytic Converter Passenger Car Catalytic Converter

Commercial Vehicle Catalytic Converter

Exhaust Treatment System Muffler,DPF,
SCR System Urea pump,injector,ECU,Catalyst,Catalytic muffler etc.

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Diesel Oxuidation Catalyst (DOC):

Diesel oxidation catalyst(DOC) is suitable for all on-road and non-road vehicles, heavy-duty diesel vehicles, construction machinery, and diesel power generation sets. Due to concentrations of NO and NO2 can be optimized in the DOC system, so that matching with SCR or DPF/POC in the after-treatment systems, can make it more efficient and also enables additional passive regeneration in DPF/POC systems.

Diesel vehicle exhaust after-treatment device, including diesel oxidation catalyst(DOC), diesel particulate filter(DPF), particulate oxidation catalyst(POC), catalytic diesel particulate filter (CDPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), etc.

They can reduce the harmful matters such as particulate matter(PM), CO, HC, NOX, and turn them into nontoxic matters such as CO2, H2O, and N2, etc. to release.

Our factory management is in accordance with international 5S standards, strict requirements and supervision of the various production processes.

1. ISO9001 quality system certified.
2. Good material&Advanced technology& strict quality control ensure high quality; High quality makes sure long usage life.
3. Quick delivery 3-7 days.
4. Competitive price.
5. Various types and different car models.

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