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Oxygen Sensors

The automotive oxygen sensor is used to measure the oxygen content in automobile exhaust and convert the oxygen content into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the ECU, this allows the engine to achieve the target excess air factor (λ= 1) in a closed-loop; Ensure maximum conversion efficiency for hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the exhaust, and maximum conversion and purification of emission pollutants.

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Oxygen Sensors Features/Benefits:

1.Core Chips Technology: Independent R&D and production of chips
2.Cover 99% Vehicles: Covering multiple series of car models
3.Stable Signal Performance: Meet the requirements of stable sensor signals, high accuracy, and long service life under various atmosphere environments during vehicle driving

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Oxygen Sensors Parameters:

Resistance 3.2±0.5Ω
Operating voltage 6~8V
Measuring range of oxygen concentration 0~21%
Measuring the range of air fuel ratio 0~2
Measuring error range of air – fuel ratio ±0.01
Ignition time ≤10s
IP Code IP67
Lifetime 5 Years/100000km

Oxygen Sensors Application and After-Sales Service:

1.Petrol Vehicle Emission Monitoring
2.Diesel Vehicle Emission Monitoring
3.Motorcycle Emission Monitoring

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Our factory management is in accordance with international 5S standards, strict requirements, and supervision of the various production processes.

1.ISO9001 quality system certified.
2.Good material&Advanced technology& strict quality control ensure high quality; High quality makes sure long usage life.
3.Quick delivery 3-7 days.
4.Competitive price.
5.Various types and different car models.
6.Pressure sensors exported to European, North American, American, Korean, and Japanese.


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