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Pressure Sensors

High-pressure common-rail EFI technology is a kind of fuel supply mode that separates the generation of injection pressure and injection process completely in the closed-loop system composed of a high-pressure oil pump, pressure sensor, and electronic control unit (ECU). It is widely used in the control system unit of diesel vehicles.

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High-Pressure Common-Rail Sensor Features/Benefits:

Integrated structured design
It has strong impact resistance
Anti overload, anti-vibration, anti-interference
Small volume, lightweight, easy to install and use
Multiple process and electrical connection options

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Product Parameters:

l High pressure common rail sensor
Reference ambient temperature 25℃
Accuracy ±1%F.S
Tolerance ±2%F.S(-40℃~140℃)
Working temperature -40℃~140℃
Storage temperature -50℃~150℃
Overload pressure 2 times of range
Burst pressure 3 times of range
Service life ≥500 Million  times
Insulation resistance ≥200MΩ/250VDC
Vibration 30g(50-2000Hz)

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Pressure Sensors Applications:

ECU Control System of Diesel Vehicle.

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Our factory management is in accordance with international 5S standards, strict requirements, and supervision of the various production processes.

1. ISO9001 quality system certified.
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5. Various types and different car models.
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