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Urea Level Sensors(AdBlue Level Sensors)

AdBlue solution is easy to freeze at -11 ℃, which affects the normal operation of the SCR system. Therefore, if used in severe cold areas, spiral AdBlue sensors(Urea sensors) are recommended. Such AdBlue level sensors(Urea level sensors) heat up quickly and can thaw AdBlue in a short period of time, allowing the SCR system to quickly enter normal working conditions.

The main body of AdBlue liquid level sensor (Urea level sensors) uses strong corrosion resistance of stainless steel SUS316, with extra strength engineering plastic and precision electronic components. AdBlue level sensor (Urea level sensors) can accurately detect urea tank level and through the instrument to display. When the engine running, the output of AdBlue could be discharged through the pipeline, after the high pressure sprayed into the exhaust gas stream, then the exhaust NOx(nitrogen oxides) will be transferred to non-toxic gases, thereby reducing the pollution of the environment, along with the heating cycle that makes rapidly melting of ice solution, which is particularly suitable for cold regions.

In order to reduce harmful exhaust gas NOx emissions from diesel engines, the SCR (Selective catalytic reduction) exhaust treating technology was widely adopted and integrated into automotive manufacturers all over the world.

SCR technology is based on the chemical reaction between the Adblue(Urea) liquid and NOx gas. Their chemical reactions result in N2& H20 which minimizes pollution concerns.

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AdBlue Level Sensors(Urea Level Sensors) Features:

The AdBlue liquid level sensors(Urea level sensors) integrated liquid level display (AdBlue level detection, temperature detection), Level alarm, Circulating heating of cooling water, AdBlue filtration, AdBlue solution suction, return and Sensor integrated solenoid valve. The joint of these series products meet the SAE standard(also can be customized according to customer requirements). The main installation adopts tooth screw or screw lockings, convenient assembly and disassembly, reliable sealing.

Additional features and solutions can be customized based on OEM and tank requirements.

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AdBlue Level Sensors(Urea Level Sensors) Parameters:

AdBlue Level Sensors(Urea Level Sensors) Parameters
Main material Nylon, stainless steel
Length range 285 ~ 900mm, can be customized according to customer requirements
Installation method Toothed bayonet
Connector Optional Amp, Delphi, Tyco, or other brands
Output information Resistance signal, voltage signal
Rated power 125 mW
Level accuracy range 10~40mm
Working temperature -40~+85℃

Benefits of our AdBlue Level Sensors(Urea Level Sensors) sensor:

Signal output with high precision.
Resistant to environmental variations.
Integrated key features.
Extended operation lifetime.
Selectable length subject to users’ application.
Options of different electronics connectors.
Custom design formation optimized for different tank designs.

Application and After-Sales Service:

AdBlue Level Sensors(Urea Level Sensors) are applicable to all type of trucks, buses and other AdBlue tank which with SCR system (Selective
Catalytic Reduction).
Urea sensors for SCR system of heavy truck
DEF liquid freezes easily when the temperature is below 11 degrees Centigrade. This will affect the normal operation of the SCR system. Hence, we would recommend the coil-shaped DEF sensor if the SCR system is used in colder areas.
The coil shape heating tube quickly melts the frozen liquid, allowing the SCR system to work normally.

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Our factory management is in accordance with international 5S standards, strict requirements and supervision of the various production processes.

1.ISO9001 quality system certified.
2. Good material&Advanced technology& strict quality control ensure high quality; High quality makes sure long usage life.
3. Quick delivery 3-7 days.
Competitive price.
5. Various types and different car models.
6.Adblue level sensors (Urea level sensors) exported to Europe, North American, American, Korean, and Japanese.
7. Adblue level sensors (Urea level sensors) for VOLVO, DAF, CUMMINS, MERCEDES-BENZ, SCANIA, IVECO, MAN, BMW, HINO, CHRYSLER, DODGE.

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